Sri Veera Sarabeswara

When Narasimha had killed Hiranyakashipu and drank his blood. He was unable to contain the evil present in the demons blood and was about to start destroying the universe. All the gods prayed to shiva to save them from Narasimha. Shiva then takes a form of Sarabeswara which is man, eagle and lion. This terrifying form appears with Sri Soolini Durga Devi and Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi as his both wings. After sporting with Narasimha Shiva then restrains him and draws of the poison from inside him. When Narasimha regains consciousness, he praises shiva for restoring him and whenever sharabeswara is shown, he shown restraining Narasimha and Narasimha holding his hands in praise for Shiva in this form. Sarabeswara is an Ati Ugra Rupa of Shiva who is very effective in removing any negativity in a person’s life. He is the ultimate protector and dharma deva for Kali Yuga.

Our temple is the only temple in Europe which performs a monthly homam to Prathyangira Devi, Sarabeswarar and Sri Soolini Durga every full moon. This powerful homam is very effective in eliminating all negativities in life from black magic, evil eye, diseases, enemitnd fear.

GAYATRI MANTRA Of Sri Veera Sarabeswara

Aum saaluvesaya vidhmahe
pakshi roopaya dheemahi
thanno sarabha prachodhayath


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