Our temple is the only temple in Europe which performs a monthly homam to Prathyangira Devi, Sarabeswarar and Sri Soolini Durga every full moon. This powerful homam is very effective in eliminating all negativities in life from black magic, evil eye, diseases, enemity fear.

Benefits of Homam

As mentioned earlier, all the rituals and Homas performed in temples have Spiritual benefits along with a lot of physical benefits. While a Homa is being performed, any mantra chanted to the holy fire becomes thousand times more powerful than the usual chanting. It is believed that Lord Agni carries the mantra and the offerings straight to the god themselves, this is the spiritual benefit of Homa. The items used as offerings in the Homa are carefully selected, they all have Ayurvedic significance, and medical healing properties, inhaling the smoke created by the Homa can provide you the health related benefits related to the offerings. Furthermore Homas also benefits the atmosphere with positive vibration. If one was to sit in the mediative state through the Homa, he/she will attain all the benefits of the Homa ten times over. These are general benefits with all Homas in general. However there are homas directed towards specific aims and benefits.
Lets look at some of the Homas performed here in the temple and their benefits.

She is a form of Shakthi. It is said in the Markendeya Purana, in the beginning of the Satya yugam, Lord Vishnu came to destroy Hiranyakashipu in the Avatar of Narashima. This was a generous battle which resulted in Lord Narasima tearing the body of Hiranyakashipu and drinking his blood. This act and the impurity of the blood he drank made Narasimha become more violent and angry and this was the beginning to disturb the peace of the universe. The devas complained and Lord Shiva came down in the form of Sarabeshwara. Upon seeing this Lord Narasinha created Ganda-Berunda, a two headed-bird that was Sarabarehwar’s opposite, so Lord Srabeshwara turned into Lord Bhairava (Shiva’s fierce form) and created Goddess Pratyangira from his third eye. Prathyangira ate the bird, displaying rage like the gods had never seen before and they praised her as she claimed down Lord Narasimha.

Benefits of this Homam

  • Protects you from hostile elements, accidents, evil eyes, black magic and all other hardships.
  • Protects you from evil effects of enemies.
  • Encircles you positivity and destructs all negative forces.

Prathyangira is also mentioned in Ramayana. During the battle between Ram and Ravana, Ravana’s son Indrajit was performing Nikumbala yaga, one of the sacred ritual to worship prathyangira. However Lord Hanuman came down to stop this ritual because if Indrajit was to complete his worship of prathyangira he would become invisible and not even Lord Ram can defeat him.

Chandi Homam

Chandi is one of the supreme forms of Shakthi. Her creation is described as follows in Devi Mahatmiyam “The great Goddess was born from the energies of male divinities when the gods became impotent in the long-drawn-out battle with the Asuras. All the energies of the Gods became united and became supernova, throwing out flames in all directions. Then that unique light, pervading the Three Worlds with its luster, combined into one, and became a female form.”

Benefits of Chandi Homam

Chandi Homa aids a devotee in clearing all their obstacles and hurdles on their path to success. Goddess Chandi will gift you with the ability to manifest your true divine self. Devotees who worship Goddess Chandi will find themselves fulfilling all their desires, there is nothing in this material world which is difficult to produce by devotees of Goddess Chandi.

  • Ends all sufferings caused by negative forces, poison, sorcery, thieves etc.
  • Removes negative effects of Navagrahas (9 planets)
  • Destroys all fears.
  • Brings Raaja vashyam (ability to fascinate everybody)
  • Attracts 16 kinds of Aishwaryas (wealth)

When this Homa is performed for more than 9 days it becomes more beneficial as it becomes Maha yagna called Vaajapeyam. Also performing this Homa once a year, bestows one with the power to fulfil all desires and gain success. In our temple we perform this Chandi homa every year for thirteen days, giving all the benefites to the devotees.

Sutharshana Homam

Sutharshana Chakra also known as Chakkarath Azhwar in Tamil, is the weapon of Lord Vishnu. There are interesting stories behind the Sutharshana Chakra. One story has it that, it was given by Lord Shiva to LordVishnu as a boon, and Lord Shiva told Vishnu that with this weapon he can conquer and destroy any number of demons, no matter how powerful they maybe. Another story has it that it was created by the deva architect Vishwakarma by utilizing the combined powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Benefits of Sutharshana Homam

  • This Homa helps one to annihilate their enemies and to relieve one from unexplainable sufferings and worries. It also empowers with positive vibes and helps to stop unforeseen dangers and difficulties in your path to success.
  • Immediate relief to the sufferings. One’s sins are destroyed. Lord Sudharshan/ Narayana is considered as the first step to be adopted in the concept of realization of God.
  • The Homa contains healing characteristics, relieving one from afflictions of fever and unknown health sufferings.
  • A legend has it that Sudarshan Ashtakam helped recovering people of a village stricken by the plague epidemic.


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