Sri Merupuram Bhadrakali Devi

Divinity is nameless and formless with no beginning or end. In hindusim we call the eternal divine Brahman. This Brahman divides into male and female forms so they can enact a divine play. The male principle is Shiva and female Shakthi. Shakthi has unlimited forms and names like Shiva. One of her forms is Bhadra Kali (Auspicious Kali). Kali is the female counterpart of Kala (Time). She is four armed holding a snake noose (restrain evil) and an ankusha (goad) along with Trident (uphold dharma and righteousness) and Kapalam (inverted skull cup holding wine of divine intoxication). Kali is shakthi in augrarupa but in this temple she is in sowmya (soft) form. She is dark blue/black and has long beautiful hair. Her eyes are ever on her devotees blessing them with the best in health, wealth and prosperity. She is prayed to remove any negativity in our lives.

GAYATRI MANTRA Of Bhadrakali Devi

Ohm Kalikaye Vidyamahe
Samshanavasini Dhimahi
Tanno Devi Prachodaya


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